Please submit 3-6 poems, or up to 10 pages total in a single document.

SINGLE SPACE POETRY--please, we cannot stress this enough. Centered and double-spaced poems are not for us, even if the content is awesome, the form is a real turnoff, and we will either reject it or ask you to reformat it.

Sex poems are cool, Crab Fat loves sex. We dig CONSENSUAL BDSM and exploratory sexuality, but poems about raping are not fucking cool. We shouldn't have to tell you what a rape poem is, but if you write about nonconsensual sex or non-negotiated sexual kink then we aren't interested--it's abusive and triggering. Please don't submit rape porn poems. We don't care how big or little your cock is, we won't accept a piece that is blatantly violent. 

We believe in writing through trauma. If you write about real-life experiences with sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, emotional violence, or any other forms of gendered violence, and want to submit your work, we will handle it with sensitivity and care. We understand that gendered violence is graphic and nasty, and if you need a venue for the hard stuff we are here to listen. For clarity: writing about lived trauma is not rape porn. 

Please submit 3-6 poems, or up to 10 pages total in a single document