Welcome to Damaged Goods Press & Crab Fat Magazine 

Crab Fat Magazine is an online monthly that publishes experimental, queer, feminist, punk, & avant-garde prose, poetry, & art 11 times a year.

Damaged Goods Press publishes innovative poetry, lyric essays, memoir, and hybrid chapbooks and full-length collections by queer and trans writers

Help Crab Fat cut down on overhead costs by adding a small donation with your submission. Submissions to this category are greatly appreciated and will ensure that we continue to operate for years to come. However, please note that Tip Jar Submissions carry the same weight as general submissions. 

Please submit 3-6 poems, or up to 10 pages total in a single document.

SINGLE SPACE POETRY--please, we cannot stress this enough. Centered and double-spaced poems are not for us, even if the content is awesome, the form is a real turnoff, and we will either reject it or ask you to reformat it.

Sex poems are cool, Crab Fat loves sex. We dig CONSENSUAL BDSM and exploratory sexuality, but poems about raping are not fucking cool. We shouldn't have to tell you what a rape poem is, but if you write about nonconsensual sex or non-negotiated sexual kink then we aren't interested--it's abusive and triggering. Please don't submit rape porn poems. We don't care how big or little your cock is, we won't accept a piece that is blatantly violent. 

We believe in writing through trauma. If you write about real-life experiences with sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, emotional violence, or any other forms of gendered violence, and want to submit your work, we will handle it with sensitivity and care. We understand that gendered violence is graphic and nasty, and if you need a venue for the hard stuff we are here to listen. For clarity: writing about lived trauma is not rape porn. 

Please submit 3-6 poems, or up to 10 pages total in a single document

Please submit no more than 1,000 words.

We enjoy compelling fiction that illuminates lived experience and authenticity. We have a soft spot for second person POV. We like both experimental and traditional prose but aren't interested in regurgitated, clich├ęd narratives. 

A couple more things:

  1. If a piece contains themes of sexual assault/abuse, it should be noted in the actual document by means of a trigger warning, before the piece begins
  2. If a piece contains animal abuse in any form, it will be rejected immediately, we are animal lovers and advocates who will not tolerate animal abuse, fictional or not
Please submit personal, lyrical, and collage style essays up to 3,000 words.

We like raw, personal, painful, humorous, illuminating, and authentic prose. Though we are open to scholarly work, we would prefer it be focused on craft or poetics. If you submit a scholarly essay please adhere to MLA format. 

Please limit book reviews to 1,000 words.

We accept reviews for all genres, but prefer books that come from small/indie presses/publishers. 

In your review, please include relevant information: press, author, genre, price, link to the work.

Damaged Goods Press seeks quality poetry / micro memoir / lyric essay chapbooks, 20-40 pages in length. We only consider work by queer & trans writers. 

We are currently reading for publication between late 2020 and 2021. 

Damaged Goods Press is open for full-length collections of poetry, lyric essays, and hybrid/experimental work of around 60-120 pages, with one piece per page. 

**We only consider work by trans and queer writers** 

We're a super small press, but do our best to support you and your work. Our standard contract applies to full-length collections. 

Please consider buying a chapbook to get a feel for our aesthetic, or check out back issues of Crab Fat Magazine (free online). 

**PLEASE NOTE: Damaged Goods Press DOES NOT consider short story collections or novels**

We are currently reading for publication between late 2020-2021. 

Please submit up to 10 high resolution 300dpi images for consideration with Crab Fat Magazine and Damaged Goods Press. 
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